New Xbox Dashboard Update coming November 25th

New Xbox Dashboard Update coming November 25th

Update: Coming December 6th!

According to IGN, the new Xbox 360 2011 Fall Dashboard update, which will look to completely redesign the current Dashboard (as seen in the picture above and below) is expected to be hitting your Xbox 360’s on the 25th November! That interestingly falls on Black Friday which might mean very little to those outside The United States, but it’s a very popular shopping day for Americans – the perfect time to pick up a new Xbox 360.

If this is true, this will certainly bring most (if not all) of the Xbox LIVE TV partners that Microsoft recently signed to bring quality entertainment and live tv to your devices. New reports also suggest that new apps will most certainly be built on Microsoft’s Silverlight, which is their application framework used for writing and running rich internet applications (So much for Silverlight being dead!).

If anything, the new fall dashboard update will bring the Windows Phone OS and The Xbox 360 closer together in terms of look, and the Metro UI interface that has been taking the world by storm. We’re certain that this will certainly cause people to start looking at purchasing Windows Phones once they get more comfortable with the fresh and original interface that is just so much more refreshing that anything iOS or Android currently offers (especially since there are just over 55 million Xbox 360 users worldwide).

It’s smart on Microsoft’s part, but it’s also nice because the new dashboard looks so much more appealing than the old one, and it looks like we’ll be getting a lot of ‘Live Tiles’ ala Windows Phones. Yay. It’s just rumor for now, but sources close to the project have confirmed the date so we have something to look forward to. As for you guys, are we excited with the new look or not? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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