New iPod Prices Announced for Touch and Nano

New iPod Prices Announced for Touch and Nano

So the Apple iPhone 4S wasn’t the only thing that was announced it seems during Apple’s Event held yesterday. The iPod Touch and the iPod Nano both got price drops, which is always a good thing for those who are looking to get one. Let’s start off with the iPod Touch models first:

The white iPod touch was introduced, joining it’s black counterpart both priced exactly the same. Want to know the pricing? $199 (8Gb), $299 (32GB), and $399 (64GB) in the United States. As for Australia it will cost $219 (8Gb), $329 (32Gb), $439 (64GB) which is certainly cheaper than last year for Aussies. We think the new white iPod Touch actually looks very nice, but apart from the extra shade Apple introduced no changes, inside or outside. The iPod Touch will come with iOS5 and have access to Apple’s iCloud service as well, so it’s not all bad. Pretty poor from Apple for not introducing an iPhone 5 and not bumping the specs on the touch. Both variants will be in store from October 12th onwards.

Yes the rather cheap and frankly useless iPod Nano also gets a price refresh and some new features. The Nano is one of Apple’s popular products because of how cheap they are, but we find big is always better… in screen size. Apart from the fact it comes in various colors, it also comes in two different storage capacities – 8GB and 16GB which will cost you $129 and $149 respectively ($149 and $169 in Australia), which isn’t too bad a deal but we’d still opt for an iPod Touch to be able to use the apps.

The iPod Nano comes with 16 new clocks if you feel silly enough to wear the Nano as a watch and if you want to made fun of all day. It’s also got inbuilt tracking abilities if you want to count how many calories you’ve burnt while running away to avoid getting beat up for wearing a big Mickey Mouse iPod Nano watch on your wrist. Oh, and we I accidentally stepped on a Nano last year because I thought it was a bug. My bad.

Well that just about raps it up for Apple’s ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ Event which was a bit of a downer. Hopefully 2012 brings something worth getting excited over for Apple.

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