Jetstar offers Global Sim’s before you head overseas

Jetstar offers Global Sim’s before you head overseas

In a clever bit of business, Jetstar Airlines has decided to start selling sim cards for your phone which you can buy locally before jetting off overseas to save on your overseas call rates. That and it should probably stop you from getting that nasty $1,000 bill for using your data overseas. The initial sim card will be available from Jetstar directly for $19.25 (down from $40.25 as a launch deal), and it should exclude the $7 delivery fee (really Jetstar? $7 for delivery of a sim card?!).

The Sim is actually powered by Go-SIM, but you won’t find anything apart from Jetstar branding on those sim cards (like in the image above). The list of features are as follows:

  • Chat from 180 countries/territories
  • No charge for receiving unlimited incoming calls in over 70 countries
  • FREE to receive SMS/texts in all 180 countries
  • GPRS data available in over 135 countries/territories
  • No daily access charges or monthly fees
  • Calling, voice mail, SMS and data
  • Pre-paid and rechargeable – No contracts and no monthly or connection fees
  • Use in any unlocked GSM mobile handset
  • 24/7 customer support

Seems like a pretty good deal on the face of it, so if you’re interested you should head over to the Jetstar Sim Page. A quick look at the rates show that the deal isn’t that great from say Malaysia to Australia, but it will certainly beat out my Telstra sim’s rate while roaming. See below:

The one thing we can say is that data charges are still ridiculously high here ($14.65 PER MegaByte in Malaysia) which ruins to point of even getting this if you were interested in data. We’d still stick to getting local sim cards for data (I believe it is $6 per 200 MB in Malaysia for data and cheaper for BlackBerry services). But we can see how this would be useful for people who don’t have time to get local sim cards (especially with some countries like Thailand requiring you to be a resident to get cheap sim cards). Otherwise if you have time to stop off at a Mobile Store, this deal might still be outdone in foreign countries (it’s your call in the end).

Otherwise head up to the JetStar page and start researching rates today – Jetstar Sim.

Source: Gizmodo

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