iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S II – The Drop Test

iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S II – The Drop Test

With the recently released iPhone 4S, it’s time for once again comparisons between the best Apple phone and the current best Android phone – The Samsung Galaxy S 2. This time however, it’s not about which phone has the better camera, specs, or even Voice¬†Assistant(sorry Siri fans, but Siri DOES make a special appearance at the start), but rather it’s about which phone can take the most beating from a few drops. Yes, the team from SquareTrade teamed up two brand new devices and thought it would be great to ‘stress’ test them – home style. Our hearts broke each time we heard the crunch of the glass and plastic hitting the cold hard cement, followed by the obvious and unexpected ‘ooooh’s’ and ‘owwww’s’ from the bystanders which frankly made it worse.

Have a look at the video yourself:

It’s clear that the glass covered back and front of the iPhone 4S was never going to do well in a drop test, as shown in this video. A simple drop from your waist is going to hurt your phone, and dropping it from shoulder height will certainly do worse. In this battle, it was clear that the Samsung Galaxy S could take more of a beating, with 3 drops not even resulting in a cracked screen, while the iPhone 4S showed signs of a spider colony living on the screen (get it? cracks look like webs?).

Of course, this is hardly a comprehensive test as it will depend on how you drop it, the angle at which the phone hits the ground, and what side of the phone hits the ground (you should always hope for the side!). Either way, we have to award this battle to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 as the clear winner on the drop test, but the war is far from over!

Source: Gizmodo

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