iOS 5 released upon the Apple Masses

iOS 5 released upon the Apple Masses

Note: You may have trouble downloading iOS 5 since the Apple servers are overloaded (as Apple support informed us when we contacted them a few hours ago). Just wait and try again soon if that’s the case.

iOS 5, the biggest iOS update since the first one came out in 2007, has finally been released upon the masses of Apple users out there. Of course, if you really want a full rundown of the new features of iOS 5 (and there are nearly 200), then we suggest you head down to our earlier post about the biggest changes announced. You’ll be able to understand most of the new features of course in that post which has been nicely laid out with the features you’ll find the most interesting.

For those of you wondering which devices can upgrade to iOS 5, the list is as follows:



iPod touch

Those of you on older devices will be out of luck sorry. As for those hoping for Siri on iOS 5, you’re out of luck as well, because it will only be available with the iPhone 4S (see link above). To upgrade, you’ll need iTunes 10.5 and your device plugged into your computer. There will also be a OS X update coming down the pipes — version 10.7.2 — which officially delivers iCloud to your Mac for you Mac users. Windows users don’t have that option we’re afraid.
So hook in your device, get cracking, and get on that BBM killer – iMessages and iCloud!

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