Australia finally gets Kinect Voice and with Zune Pass

Australia finally gets Kinect Voice and with Zune Pass

Well fellow Australians, it seems the time for waiting for services our American friends have had for a year has finally hit our shores, or rather will be hitting our shores. Microsoft today announced the launch of Kinect Voice and the Zune Music pass subscription. Obviously we’re not sure if that means Music will be available as well in the Marketplace to purchase, or just to Zune Pass subscribers.

The Zune Pass will officially launch on November 16th, at $11.99 per month (or $119.90 for a year), and you’ll also have the option to run the subscription on Xbox Live, Windows PC’s and of course Windows Phones. Currently there are just over 11 million tracks available on the Zune Marketplace, so it’s quite a good number of songs to choose from. What we do know is that this will most probably be the streaming only subscription, meaning for $11.99, you can download as many songs as you want. As long as you keep the subscription going, you’ll always have those songs, otherwise once you stop paying $11.99 the songs will stop as well. It’s a cheap price in reality (considering I just paid $15.99 for a new Kaskade album a few days ago on iTunes), so Zune Pass is certainly better on that front.

On the Kinect Voice front, I personally have been using Kinect Voice in my Kinect for a year (since I have a US windows live account) and it’s been fun, so it’s great to see it finally making it’s way into Australian homes. According to the official release, Voice Control for games will work from tomorrow, but in-Xbox intergration in Voice commands and such will only make it’s way down in December, just in time for Christmas obviously.

So good news all around for Australian, we’ll have more when details are announced. Until then, sit back and enjoy.

Source: Gizmodo 

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  • Justinjoy

    Excuse my ignorance but what is Kinect Voice and is it on all Kinect games?I have a young family so my kids love to play using the Kinect because their are no controllers.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Kinect Voice is basically the voice system that you can use to control either a. Things within a Kinect game with your voice, or b. Things like the kinect home screen which you can control with your voice by saying things like ‘next’ which will move it to the next screen.Great for using when you’re watching a movie which you can control with your voice (hopefully soon)