An App to control your Xbox 360 from your Windows Phone

An App to control your Xbox 360 from your Windows Phone

One of the most requested features Windows Phone users have been asking for has been the ability to control your Xbox 360 straight from your Windows Phone, and lo and behold – Microsoft has been listening! Microsoft, apart from revealing a brand new Xbox LIVE TV Lineup, have also announced an app for Windows Phone devices to be able to control your Xbox with just the swipe of a finger, and the best part is that Microsoft will be offering the app for free in the Marketplace!

There are 3 main departments that the app will be able to control:

  • Finding content – Xbox companion provides access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace of games, movies, music and TV shows.
  • Learn more about your content – The Xbox companion app will provide information and related details about specific content on the Xbox 360. If an Xbox owner is listening to a song then Windows Phone users can simply bring up information on the song name, artist and albums etc.
  • Control and play – The Xbox companion app includes a controller mode that allows Windows Phone users to navigate the Xbox dashboard or control video and music playback.

It basically means that the app will take over from your controller, and with the addition of Kinect Voice options, you can literally put that control to the side and completely access your Xbox controller free, just how Microsoft always envisioned it. Of course, this is all possible thanks to Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the upcoming new dashboard update before the end of 2011.

Microsoft also claim that the control mode for Windows Phone will be instantaneous, meaning it would be exactly like using a remote as opposed to a phone. Thank god! If you want to read more about the Windows Phone Xbox Companion App, take a look at the Windows Phone Blog. We’re itching for this App, and we’re glad Microsoft have been listening to Windows Phone Users, it’s always good to see a company do that and we hope more suggestions to become a reality in the future.

Source: WinRumors

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