Windows 8 might have Phone Calling Cability

Windows 8 might have Phone Calling Cability

While we suspected that this might be something that made it’s way into Windows 8  eventually, we didn’t really know for sure. However, Long Zheng of istartedsomething recently discovered that Windows 8 in fact will have Calling within it in the future. The first and obvious evidence that it will be coming is the picture above in which you can clearly see ‘Missed Calls’. There’s obviously no need to have that tile in there if this wasn’t the case, and Long was unable to test this out because that function isn’t available/working as of yet.

The icon above clearly show’s a phone, and it gives an indication as to who the last callers were (as well as the number of missed calls).


As well, as the first image, this second image above was a screenshot taken from an official Microsoft Windows Live video on YouTube, in which this users profile was opened up. You can easily see the ‘call mobile’ text as well as the ‘text and chat’ headings. This evidently points to a very simple answer – Calling is coming within the Windows 8 Operating System (OS) and it will be baked into it. This also paves the way for a very integrated relationship with Skype within the Windows 8 Operating System (because Microsoft now owns Skype). We’d be very excited to see what Microsoft is aiming for with Windows 8 for desktops because we’re not sure how they’ll be able to make calls, but I can understand how it’ll work with tablets considering they can have a 3G sim card slot.

It’s all very interesting, and it could mean that the Windows 8 Kernel would pave the way for future Windows Phone foundations, perhaps in the long run in 2 years or so.

Source: IstartedSomething

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