Windows 8 Experience Shown off, looks brilliant

Windows 8 Experience Shown off, looks brilliant

The Microsoft Build Conference is currently taking place as we write this experience and they decided to start the show off in the biggest way possible – by showing off the much anticipated Windows 8! We’ve all seen what Windows 8 will look like, but there were some cool new features that we’ve never seen before which we found absolutely fascination. So let’s have a look at what the Windows 8 demo came up with.

The Login:

Windows 8 Picture Password

Windows 8 Picture Password

Windows 8 Picture Password

So if you’re getting Windows 8 (and you know you will be) then this will be the future login process on Windows 8. It’s brand new, and unlike anything you’ve seen on your computer before. If you’ve used a Windows Phone 7, then this will look familiar. The first screen is the Startup Screen, the screen (also known as the lock screen) that you’ll find when you turn your device on, whether it be a slate (tablet) or your dekstop/laptop. It shows the things that are important such as the time, the date, your next calendar appointment, your emails, etc. Basically things you can see without having to open (or login) to your computer.

The next screen is the actual login screen. What you can see is a brand new password input process, which will be called ‘Picture Password’. Basically as you can see, there are 3 numbers on the left hand side. What those are are the number of times you have to touch the picture, of the girl on the right spots (ie: the nose, the sunglasses, etc..) based on what you’ve chosen. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before and we’re quite happy to have a ‘creative’ way of logging in. Don’t worry, you’ll be able just to put in a pin code as well of this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea.

The final picture is the Windows 8 dekstop page, the one we’ve seen before. It still looks great and the best part is that Windows 8 looks super fluent, snappy, and responsive. And this is a pre-build as well which makes it all the more impressive. The desktop obviously resembles Windows Phone 7, continuing on with the ’tile based icons’ which are live (mean they update on the desktop).

Internet Explorer 10:

IE10 in Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 was also given a show off in the demo of Windows 8. Let’s face it, it looks fantastic! As Steven Sinofsky from Microsoft said, “Nothing is better than a Chrome-free browsing experience” (Pun intended). It’s very quick, pages load extremely quick and scrolling is flawless (move over Apple). Furthermore, Internet Explorer 10 tabs are situated just a swipe away at the top of the page, while just like Windows Phone 7 and it’s Mango update, the browser is located at the bottom which makes life much easier for touch based devices. Furthermore, we got a look at the Keyboard for Windows 8 and it looks remarkably similar to that found on Windows Phone 7 (which is something we LOVE). Not only that, but it makes the cute bubble tap sound which you get in WP7 when you type. It’s clear that Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 is going to have a lot of similarities.

Furthermore, all keyboard shortcuts that you are used to in Windows 7 and below will work on Windows 8 as well.


Windows 8 Charms

We’ve seen leaks of that sidebar which works as your side taskbar. It looks much better and more inviting that the taskbar you find on Windows 7. Microsoft are calling it ‘Charms’ which is cute and will take over from the taskbar as a Windows 8 toolbar. Charms will be your ‘go-to’ for anything in Windows 8 from search, to share to settings, to Start which will get you back to your Home Screen. We’ve been calling it the side taskbar since we first saw it so it’s great to finally get a name to it – Charms. We like it.


The Performance gains in Windows 7 versus Windows 8 is incredible. The same device which Windows 7 was shown off on 3 years ago was running Windows 8, and as you can see the performance on Windows 8 is remarkably more efficient than Windows 7 ever was. On the left is Windows 7, on the right is Windows 8. Windows 8 seems to take half the amount of memory that Windows 7 took and that means that Windows 8 will be a more efficient beast.

Refresh/Reset your PC:

Windows 8 Refresh reset feature

One of the more important features that we think will make everyone’s lives easier is the ‘Refresh the Pc’ feature. Basically you can refresh your PC without affection your piles and personalizations and apps from the Windows 8 Store. What will be refreshed will be the PC settings, which will be restored to their default settings. Why? If your PC is starting to run a little slow or has malware or something along those lines, it should get rid of it. It’s like a ‘soft reset’ on your Computer! Brilliant!

Another option that Microsoft has gone ahead and made easier is the ‘Reset your PC’ option. If you’re thinking of selling your PC to someone else and don’t want them to get their hands on personal files then simply click the Reset your PC which will restore your PC to default settings in one simple click! That makes our lives much easier.

App Store:

We already mentioned that Windows 8 will be getting an App Store, and we finally got a view of the App Store. It looks very Windows Phone 7 like, but better! The App Store will also be in the Metro ‘Tile Look’ and you scroll left and right as opposed to up and down. There will be different categories such as Games.

The Games section has rectangualr tiles and they looks extremely easy to access. Because of the way it has been designed, you’ll be able to see more games on your screen and what you can also see is their Ratings and the price. The best part for developers is that Microsoft will not take 30% from your app sales. They will take 0%. That’s right Apple, are you listening?

New Task Manager:

Microsoft has finally decided to update thee way their Task Bar looks. It has been redefined has looks much nicer, and it adds a few new features such as being able to ‘suspend’ an App or Program without shutting it down so you can quick resume, and it doesn’t use up and CPU Usage and Memory. Very useful we think. New graphics have also been provided within the entire Task Manager, as well as new tabs to improve an already efficient Operating System.

Future Slates:

Microsoft had big plans to bring Windows 8 to slates (Microsoft will be calling all their tablets slates which sounds different) as well as the computer. It will be extremely fast, light, and beautiful. Windows 8 just adds to the charm. Microsoft also surprised everyone by announcing that they’ll be giving away 5,000 Windows 8 slates to Build attendees which is fantastic from Microsoft! Each slate will have a second-gen Intel Core i5 processor, an 11.6-inch 1,366 x 768 Samsung Super PLS display (wowzers), a 64GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, and a dock with a USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports. 

Windows 8 looks to be the next big thing from Microsoft, and it looks to be a game changer all around. Every thing we found annoying in Windows 7 has been fixed or updated to be simpler. We commend Microsoft for taking to effort to create such an innovative Operating System and we can’t wait till we get our hands on it. Windows 8 is a bold re-imagining of Windows, and we like it so far.

Expect it out towards the mid to Q3 2012.

Have a look at how Windows Live looks in Windows 8

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  • Sheeds

    Nice Post :) No wonder the tweets slowed down 😀  How feakin’ amazing was that!  Game changer – will be renewing my Technet subscription for another 12 months later today to get my hands on this when it hits RC 😀

  • Anonymous

    Haha yea, this Article was the priority. I just want to get my hands on a Samsung Windows 8 tablet so so much. It looks great!

  • Michael Aulia

    Great coverage!
    I’ve installed it myself and played around a bit today. Wasn’t impressed – it’s great for tablet but for desktop experience, it’s confusing and things seem to fall out of place :( 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!Yep, that’s why I’ve refrained from installing it. I’m really looking forward to it on the tablet, but not sure how well it’s going to work on the Desktop. It’s still pre-build so you’re not going to find it that great unfortunately :(
    Not exactly too great on the iPad either 😛

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  • Michael Aulia

    Yeah..hope they tweak things around for desktop users though they then have to make different interface for different platforms

    Oooh looks nice on the iPad, but without the apps yet, it’s kinda useless 😀

  • Anonymous

    Lot’s of people are complaining that the Dekstop version isn’t the most fund right now without a touch screen.

    All those with touch tablet are saying it’s much nicer.

    It would be nice if you could “ACTUALLY” port it to an iPad. I’d do that in a second lol.