WhatsApp finally coming to Windows Phones?

WhatsApp finally coming to Windows Phones?

Update: Confirmed! WpCentral found this teaser picture of WhatsApp off all the different platforms, and the Windows Phone Logo is there so you can bet your sister (please don’t, it’s an expression) that it’s coming to Windows Phone! Hooray! (We still like our logo that we made better so far).

Sometime in mid August, we released an article in which we listed which apps we wanted to hit Windows Phone 7’s the most. At the very top of that list for us (and for many others we’re sure) was WhatsApp, the cross platform mobile messaging app and it seems that WhatsApp were listening to us because their sneaky tweet might mean that WhatsApp will be hitting Windows Phones soon in a Mango app.

I mean come on! No Dev tweets about Mango’s unless they’re definitely aiming for a Mango app. Now granted they could only be sharing some valuable knowledge with us about Mangoes, but considering that none of their other tweets have had any similar knowledge recently, we’re going to go ahead and say that this is definitely a Windows Phone 7 reference. Sneaky WhatsApp, VERY Sneaky. They’re basically nudging you in the ribs with that tweet, and teasing us! We want it now! So much so that I guessed it less than 20 seconds after they posted that tweet.

Well played on this front WhatsApp, but I’ve got you figured out. Well with Whatsapp possibly releasing, that leaves only 9 more apps to go on our most wanted WP7 apps list, and we’re looking forward to plenty of announcements soon.

Source: @WhatsApp

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