The Worlds Top 3 Brands – Google, Apple, Microsoft

The Worlds Top 3 Brands – Google, Apple, Microsoft

For those of you who have studied the Marketing sector and Business sector (check and check to both of those for this Editor), you would know the value and importance of Brand Value, Brand Knowledge, and Brand Awareness. Obviously everyone who has lived, is aware of Google, Apple, and Microsoft so Brand Knowledge is checked on that front, even if people have obvious negative perceptions about individual products from those companies.

So what is a Brand? A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company and how it relates to key members: Customers, Staff, Partners, Investors etc, and brand’s can also be linked with consumer thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and so on. On the other hand, Brand Awareness is the ability to recall and recognise a product (their knowledge of the product) from their image, logo or products. So as you can imagine, all these factors influence a persons perception of the business and it influences their decision in whether they want to purchase their product or not. Perhaps the top 3 biggest brands in the world are the best at changing people’s perception towards them and their products (or services).

Brand Finance, a London based company has recently calculated the Brand Value of a number of companies and have found the top 30 companies in retrospect to their brand value. Do note that this isn’t referring to a companies value (in which Apple and Exxon are always trading places), but rather their Brand Value and positioning. Brand Finance used each companies cashflow in order to put a value on a company’s trademark and other intellectual property to gain a proper ranking. Have a look at the table below: (click to expand image)

As you can see, and frankly as expected, the 3 most valuable brand names in the world are Google, Apple, and Microsoft as of 2011. Apple has made the biggest jump from last year, moving from 7th position to 2nd and we expect them to move to 1st within 2 years. That came at the expense of Microsoft who fell a place to 3rd, but with plenty of innovative products to come with Mango and Windows 8, expect Microsoft to be keeping a check on Apple. Google meanwhile continues to rule the world, and everyone uses Google for something or another these days so they’re top as expected. Have a look at the table for more in-depth numbers.

Interesting to also see companies like IBM in 4th, AT&T in 7th and HP in 11th, meaning that companies invested in Technology are the the most popular and well known Brand’s in the world. It’s not a Geek’s world anymore, but something much bigger.

Source: PhoneArena

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