The New My Windows Phone page connects all your live pages

The New My Windows Phone page connects all your live pages

It seems with Mango right around the corner, we’re clearly seeing some big changes from Microsoft on all fronts, and it continues with the New My Windows Phone page. This page has been given a nice facelift, and it actually unifies all your current accounts under the Windows Live account you currently use as you can see in the image above. It’s a nice change that we think was needed to bring it up to standards with Mango.

Some of the changes you’ll notice is that under ‘My Windows Phone’ that you’ll see all your Skydrive Pictures (as you can see, I’ve barely used Skydrive to upload much), Xbox Live, Microsoft Office (This section would be full of uploads from my phone that’s for sure), Live Mail, as well as the ‘Find my phone’ option all placed into one site. You can also see all your purchase history, and while there you can also re-install apps and you can customize your avatar too!

We like these changes, also for the fact it’s suddenly become much easier to access all these old (and new) features from one page as opposed to having to click to find out where what is. This will certainly make it easier for new Windows Phone 7 adopters to use this page, and we like the changes. Good effort Microsoft! To check it out for yourself, head over to the ‘My Phone‘ tab on the Windows Phone page.

Source: WPCentral 

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