Sony Tablet S now up for sale from (some) Best Buy’s

Sony Tablet S now up for sale from (some) Best Buy’s

Those of you who have been craving for a Android powered Sony Tablet S in the USA will be pleased to know that Sony’s first tablet will now available to purchase early from best buy! Known for being one of the more unique looking tablet’s to be released, we feel quite a few people will be interested in this ‘folded notebook’. If you’re not sure what the Tablet S is, have a look at our Sony Tablet S article and see for yourself!

Of course, since Best Buy have released their tablet early we’re not quite sure how much stock they’ll have on hand. Either way, if you feel like being a dare-devil and not pre-ordering from Sony (link in Sony Tablet S article), then head on over to your local Best Buy and try to pick one up yourself! According to Twitter, some Best Buy stores are only selling the Tablet S to those of you who pre-ordered so you’ll be playing the random game here. Do yourself a favour, and call ahead and ask if they have one as opposed to driving 50 miles to a Best Buy only to find they’re not selling it, yet.

If you do however happen to go to a store and they’re not selling them to the public yet, do head over to the Tablet section where you’ll be able to play and get your paws all over the new Sony Tablet S and truly decide for yourself if that’s the tablet you want. It’s a Win-Win in our minds.

Source: @DeHarder

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