Sony Playstation Vita releasing on December 17th in Japan

Sony Playstation Vita releasing on December 17th in Japan

We just spoke about to upcoming Windows 8 about 12 hours ago and how much we were suddenly craving to use it, and then comes an announcement of another prouduct that we’ve been craving for some time now – The Playstaion Vita (PSV). For those of you who have been living under a rock, the PSV is the next-gen Playstation Portable (PSP) and it’s not only powerful but it has graphics on a whole new level in Portable Gaming. We recently discovered that unfortunately, the PSV would not be making it’s way outside of Japan till 2012 and it seems that would be the case still. Still, if you’re one of our Japanese readers then you’ll be thrilled to know that the Sony Playstation Vita will be releasing in Japan on the 17th of December, so just in time for Christmas and Bonuses.

We all know that the PSV will come in either Wi-fi only or Wi-fi/3G and in Japan, Sony will be partnering with NTT DoCoMo for their 3G services. Unfortunately like the Amazon Kindle, the 3G here will not be free (as was to be expected) and customers will be able to choose from two different 3G options. The first is 980 yen ($13) or 20 hours, or 4,980 yen ($65) for 100 hours worth of 3G connectivity (see press release below). For those of you who think that pricing could be better, well you can try your luck at being one of the first people to buy a PSV! The first 500 customers to purchase the PSV will get 100 hours of prepaid 3G connectivity for free! Pre-orders open on the 15th of October so you’ll want to mark it down and set your alarm clocks around then to make sure you get in, because trust us when we say that the PSV will sell like hot cakes.

As for games, there will be a massive line-up of games that will be releasing soon. December 17th launch day in Japan will see at least 26 games released, and there will be a total of 100 games released soon thereafter. Some of the Launch day titles will include Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Power Smash 4, Fish On, Project N.O.E.L.S, etc. Games such as Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Rayman Origins, FIFA, etc. will follow soon after. Sony has also gone ahead and announced that as many as 500 to 600 PSP games will be released for the PSV, which you will be able to download via the Playstation Network. If you have a boatload of UMD’s lying around, we suggest you hold onto them because Sony are apparently working on a plan (and solution) with Special Download Plans in the future. All we know is that we’re excited for the Japanese (not to mention jealous) and we hope they get plenty of PSV action by the time the rest of the world gets it.

Press Release:

DOCOMO to Introduce Two Prepaid Data Billing Plans

TOKYO, JAPAN, September 14, 2011 — NTT DOCOMO, INC. today announced it will introduce two prepaid billing plans, “Prepaid Data Plan 20h” and “Prepaid Data Plan 100h,” for 3G data communication in Japan this coming December. The plans will first be implemented for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.’s next generation portable entertainment system, “PlayStation®Vita (3G/Wi-Fi model),” which will be launched in Japan, on December 17.

Prepaid Data Plan 20h will cost 980 yen (incl. tax) for 20 hours of access to the DOCOMO 3G network (max. 128 Kbps downlink / 64 Kbps uplink) over a 30-day period.

Prepaid Data Plan 100h will cost 4,980 yen (incl. tax) for 103 hours of network access (max. 128 Kbps downlink / 64 Kbps uplink) over a 180-day period, which includes three hours of access at max. speeds of 14 Mbps downlink and 5.7 Mbps uplink in FOMA™ HIGH-SPEED areas of the DOCOMO 3G network.

To begin using either plan, or to resume using prepaid billing after allowing either plan to expire, a fee of 2,100 yen will be charged for issuing a new DOCOMO UIM card. In the case of PlayStation®Vita (3G/Wi-Fi model), however, this fee will be waived for first-time users and a DOCOMO UIM card will be preinstalled in the system, as a special campaign from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Renewal must be carried out within 44 days (30 days of service use, plus 14 additional days) for Prepaid Data Plan 20h, or 194 days (180 days of service use, plus 14 additional days) for Prepaid Data Plan 100h. If the user’s plan is not renewed within this period and is allowed to expire, resumption of prepaid service at a later date will require the issuance of a new UIM card for a fee of 2,100 yen.

DOCOMO will launch a special website where users can subscribe to, renew or change their plans, as well as check their remaining access time and days.

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