Samsung to release limited edition, Crystal-Studded Series 9 Laptop

Samsung to release limited edition, Crystal-Studded Series 9 Laptop

The Samsung Series 9 was one of the better looking Macbook Air competitors released, and it seems that laptop is taking another dip in the fancy pool, and is now being fitted with Crystal-Studs. In fact, they’re looking so nice we’ve added them into the Fashion Category.

The Crystal-Studs will be hand-applied to different shades on the Series 9 laptop, with colors such as “Moonlight Blue,” a wintry navy, and “Luxury Rose Gold,” a champagne color which should appeal to the more, fortunately placed individuals with money to throw at it. The new shades will be throughout the laptop, inside and outside, but the crystal-studding will only be on the top of the laptop.

As far as pricing goes, no word on it yet, but considering that it’s already ridiculously expensive for it’s specs, we’d suspect that a large price bump will be in order soon. A very large price bump indeed. Rumors are that Kim Kardashian has already placed a pre-order on this laptop, although she might have mistaken it for a thin bag so we’ll be sure to let her know about her mistake.



Source: Laptop Mag

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