Samsung release two extremely useful Apps for Windows Phone’s

Samsung release two extremely useful Apps for Windows Phone’s

It’s been a busy last two days for Samsung releasing apps and updating some (like ‘Now’), and frankly we’ve been impressed with their productivity behind the scenes in the Apps department. In fact, we’re big fans of their latest apps they’ve released so let’s have a quick look at them.

Mobile Print

The first app is called Mobile Print, where you are able to print photo’s directly from your phone. The photo’s can be printed from pictures you have taken on your phone, Facebook, or Twitter which is quite useful. As with all apps that are new, this one can be a little slow in opening files and pictures, but it does the job well enough. Unfortunately our color HP printer ran out of color so we were unable to test the App but from what we’ve been told – it does the job.

There have been reports that the app won’t detect printers and that’s true for one of our printers, but the newer Samsung Printer was detected easily, so we’re guessing the app won’t detect slightly older printers which is a shame (or non Samsung Printers at this point). Hopefully that’ll be fixed in the update soon. Other features essentially include:

  • Automatic print searching on a local wireless network
  • Compatible with Samsung wireless and network printers only
  • Print photos, Facebook and Twitter
  • Scan document directly to your mobile device
  • Print on on supported printers shared on Windows and Mac
Yep, scanning’s in there too which can be ridiculously useful at times (trust us). This could be a gold App, if only they fixed the few kinds in there, and released this app for Non-Samsung phones as well (yep, sorry guys – Samsung Phone’s only for now). Still we’d recommend you go ahead and download it here (opens in Zune).

High Fidelity Position

Now this is an ‘app’ that we were ridiculously impressed by. Well, it’s not technically an App because this is the first download from the Marketplace that actually modifies the settings. What do we mean by that? Well rather than being an external app, this places the High Fidelity Postion App right into your settings. As for what it actually does – It actually boosts the GPS settings on Samsung Phones and Samsung Phones only, sorry! (It basically enhances the existing GPS settings by quite a bit). We also feel it detects your location much quicker now, almost instantly (in 3G areas)

“Helps with pedestrian positioning, especially in areas where GPS is less accurate using other sensors such as accelerometer and compass”

The app has two settings: “Use Sensor Aiding”  where it uses those extra sensors and “GLONASS” or Global Navigation Satellite System, which was and is being developed by the Russians. It will enhance the location of where you are and when you are walking it will give you a more accurate reading of your location.

We tested it ourselves and we were amazed at how the ‘circle’ that comes around you when detecting your location is completely gone now, which we figure means that it pinpoints your location to within a few meters which is better than any other phone we’ve seen. I went for a quick walk around the block with this app, and it moved precisely and swiftly based on where I was – Very impressive, so I’m leaving this on from now on (just hope it doesn’t reduce battery, and it doesn’t seem to have effected it yet).

Our gripe is that the HFP app doesn’t seem to work on other apps that use the phones GPS which is a bummer since that would really help. Hopefully soon..

For now, this will ONLY work on Samsung Phones, and more importantly, Samsung phones with Mango on them. So those of you running Mango Beta or RTM, click here to download and be amazed (opens in Zune).

Remember, in Russia.. GPS find you.

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  • Boyd Chan

    I can’t seem to download either of these, do you need specific regional settings in order to download them?

    Edit: Nevermind, on the phone I can download using the link but the desktop software shows it but no download button!

  • Techin5

    You have to search it in on the phone, it won’t show up in Samsung Zone (I believe you told me you had the Omnia 7). On a side note: My account is set to USA, so it’s possible region locked, but I’m sure that’s not the case here!