Review – Audials One

Review – Audials One

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Most of you may never have heard of Audials One, and we don’t blame you as  it’s currently a rather unknown product in the Tech World. However, Audials is looking to change that and we feel Audials have created an interesting product that might just be useful for many of our readers out there, and we know we’ve found it tremendously useful at times called Audials One. Read on to find out what we think about it.

So What is Audials One?

Audials One is an all-in-one software that has a large number of tools designed to make your life easier. It’s most famous for being able for allowing individual users to download Free and Legal Media from the Internet. One of it’s most unique features is it’s ability to allow you to remove the DRM protection from a song or movie, and legally as well (more on this below).

The Audials One software also has 6 main features within it that allow users to do different things, depending on the need (which we’ll go into detail below in the review) and they are – Radio, Search, Wishes, Capture, Podcasts, and Converter.

We found that Audial’s One was the perfect solution to help us increase our music database legally, if we didn’t have a subscription to any other program or service. It’s like having your own personal assistant on your computer in helping you to get the music you want, without having to pour hours searching for that perfect song.


The Radio section allows you to pick from an impressive amount of Radio Stations (over a thousand) from around the world (at least 30+ countries), and from what I saw they have most of the popular radio stations around the world. Being an avid traveller myself, I tend to know quite a few overseas radio station and I was pleased to see them. Streaming quality is top notch as well, and it takes close to 10 seconds to connect to a Radio Station once you’ve selected it (give or take a few seconds depending on the Radio Stations signal strength).

Furthermore, once playing Audials One will give you the details of the song as you can see above which will make it easier for you as opposed to figuring out which song is currently playing (just like digital radio). One of the more useful features here is the ability to record the current song playing, or to record continuously (recommended) so that you can cut the recording yourself (to cut out any talking or ads between songs). We were easily able to record the radio station (in this case Top 40 from the USA) and the quality was crystal clear as it came out at a bitrate of 320kb/s. It’s extremely easy to cut and edit the recording within Audials as well. It’s recorded in MP3 format so it’s easy to transfer to any MP3 player. There’s also a scheduler if you want, but we prefer to be there to record our songs.


Search is exactly as it sounds, as it allows you to search Radio Stations and Websites for music and music videos. In this case I chose ‘Kaskade’, my favourite DJ and even though I already own all his material, I decided to see how well Audials One found him. It was decently quick, but the problem is it Search decided to scour the entire web for all references of Kaskade, which is where the Filter button came in handy. You can record the track, and once recorded even have the option to purchase the track through iTunes (which we recommend, support your Artists!) but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The process was quick and painless.

If you can’t find the song, but a video instead, Audials One allows you to convert that Video into an MP3 track which is quite useful. YouTube, Vimeo and all other Video sites are all included in the search. The thing to note here is that search is only useful if you already have an artist in mind because it won’t let you listen to the song from the search (or least we couldn’t) and it records straight away once you’ve chosen a song/video and the process takes about two minutes per song (including conversion to MP3).


Wishes could also be called a Playlist, because what it does is allow you to go through songs on the Audials music base and find the one’s you like so you can listen to it later. It’s a wish list really, but there’s nothing special to it. Do note that some of the newer music and albums that have come out in the last 2 months will not be available on Audials One, but you really shouldn’t be complaining since it’s free.

How does the process work? Basically once you’ve added the tracks you want, you click the Fulfil button and watch as Audials One works it magic by monitoring radio station out there and it will play the song you want. The following Video to MP3 conversion process works here as well.


Capture is Audials One’s ability to ‘record’ Music and Videos from sites such as YouTube. I’ve never had a real problem with downloading YouTube videos if I wanted to, but any other site has practically been off limit in terms of recording. Audials One aims to change that by allowing you to record media on the Internet for as long as you want. The Program does take a little bit out of your computer in terms of resources when you want to record, but it’s not to harsh. You can also screen record (record what you are doing on the computer to show others) and Sound Record which is recording sounds which come out of your sound card, and they are also tagged.

It’s a powerful tool in your hands, and it makes life much easier by having all the recording capability options in one place, especially since you need 2 or even 3 programs to get the same results without Audials One.

Page 1:  Audials One Review Part 1 (current page)

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