Nokia want you to create their next iconic ringtone, offer $10,000

Nokia want you to create their next iconic ringtone, offer $10,000

With Nokia now turning their attentions and focus to Windows Phone’s, they felt it was time to get rid of the iconic Nokia ringtone which has been around since 1994 and has been heard by pretty much a billion people. While sad that they’ve decided to get rid of it, it marks a new beginning for Nokia who have decided to go all out in order to make sure their business picks up again, especially since recent figures have parked Nokia in a desperate position. Nevertheless, the ringtone is starting to feel dated, and Nokia knows this which is why they’ve started up a competition which allows you to create Nokia’s next iconic ringtone, which hopefully will last another decade or two.

The winner will be expected to create a brand spanking new rington which will be used as the default ringtone on all future Nokia phones, and in return you’ll get $10,000. Not a bad deal at all we feel. Of course, five runner-ups will also have their Nokia Tune available for download from Ovi store and be awarded with $1,000 each which seems like a fair deal to us. This could give people the perfect oppurtunity to kickstart their musical careers into high gear, so you folks better start composing soon!

Enteries close October 2nd, so we know there won’t be a new Windows Phone till then at the very least. Of course, if you can’t compose (like us) you can vote for the winners on Nokia’s website, which is what we plan to do since we’re obviously going to pick up a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device. Head on down to the source link to find out more!

Source: Nokia

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