Microsoft’s Build Day 2 Announcements

Microsoft’s Build Day 2 Announcements

So the Build conference wasn’t as exciting as day 1, and thus we didn’t have many announcements to make. There were some key features revealed however. Remember Build 2011 is a event to build and code, so you’re not going to get big new announcements like yesterday, every day. They might however be holding back for the launch of Mango tommorow (fingers crossed). Like we said, there were a few key thing’s they did reveal which was good.

The first was the picture you see above with the 7 tiles. Clearly Microsoft is focusing on 7 different platforms if you will to make lives richer around the world from Bing to Windows Phone. Microsoft clearly stated the value they are putting in each platform, and Windows Azure took center stage tonight in that front. Nothing of importance was revealed there (unless you’re a developer in which case a lot of revealed on that front). It’s good to see Microsoft putting emphasis on the 7 different platforms above, and how they will interact with each other in some way or another.

Microsoft Were adamant that they were going to be focusing a lot of their attention on the Cloud services they can provide (you may already know of one of the services – Skydrive). While there’s not much to go on here, it’s good to see Microsoft starting to focus their energies on the Cloud services they can provide to users throughout the world.

Furthermore, they showed off Metro Games within Windows 8, and the most fascinating part was that they were able to play cross-platform games between Windows 8 computers and a Windows Phone 7 in real time. Clearly Mango has some serious fire power behind it. The game in this case was tanks, a sort of Metro UI take on Worms, but with Tanks instead. We’d have like to have been told what other kinds of games were capable of this and if that was only limited to Xbox Live games, or if Indie Games could do the same. Obviously Windows 8 is still a good 8 months off, but it’s nice to see functions like this working, especially without any lag or buffering of any sort, even though it might not be the most graphically challenging game of all time.

Furthermore, we were given a brief demonstration of a Metro Windows 8 app called Margie’s Travel, which as you can see is a Travel Based App (much like Tripit). It looked quite interesting and any and all information through apps such as this will be stored and synced with the Cloud so that information can be accessed on your Dekstop computer or Tablet without a moments notice. Everything here will be accessible through your Windows Live account, some of which we covered yesterday. Interesting concept, and nice and clean app on this front. I travel quite a bit (over 100,000 kilometers this year so far) so you can expect this to be a big priority for someone like myself.

Steve Ballmer, the big man himself and CEO of Microsoft even stopped by to end Day 2 Build Presentations. Before we go into what all he spoke about, we’d like the time to say that shirt is absolutely horrible and with all the money he’s making at Microsoft, the least he can do is go and buy some clothes that don’t look terrible, and/or hire a Fashion Stylist. Heck Steve, hire me, I dress better in my sleep. Rant over.

A little bit was spoken about Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and how much they’re going to focus on it in the coming months and more in order to get ahead of the competition. One question (well two) – 1. 50,000 registered developers, but only 30,000+ apps? Get a move on developer (even though you do a fantastic job right now). And 2. Under New Phones they’ve counted AT&T as a new phone? Are they making a Windows Phone themselves or are they just referring to the fact AT&T is their biggest Windows Phone partner in the US (and they just announced 3 new phones to their lineup)? We reckon the second, but it’s interesting.

Steve (yep we’re on a first name basis) was also quite pleased with the response to the early Windows 8 (so early it’s considered alpha and pre-build). These were some of the interesting comments made about Windows 8, and we’re still rather confused as to why we’re not up there but Steve might be a little angry at us for calling him an ‘old boy’. Still, positive response all around and we’re rather pleased with it as well.

And finally, the after Build show was hosted by Ch9live and questions directed to them came up on the rather beautiful MetroTwit Show. It was good to have a few of my questions up on the show :) (under jubbing of course)

Still, that ends a rather enjoyable Build Day 2. Hopefully Day 3 brings the biggest Microsoft release of 2011 – Mango! We’re waiting with baited breaths, and we can only hope but as far as the release goes, it’s just a rumour for now. Check back in tomorrow when we’re back with Day 3, and hopefully some Mango announcements! (Update: Nope).

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