Microsoft Launches Bing Deals

Microsoft Launches Bing Deals

So Microsoft has finally launched it’s much expected deals on their search engine – Bing. Dubbed ‘Bing Deals Portal, it will give users a chance to look at deals from several providers and retailers as well.

The interesting thing is that Bing Deals won’t be a single standalone deals site, but rather it will also pull in deals from other providers such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Nordstrom, Target, and many more retailers. The key features are:

  • One-Stop Shop: The new Bing Deals experience aggregates more than 200,000 deals across the US, including local deals, helping you easily match multiple deals to ensure you’re getting the best one. There is no need to browse hundreds of websites or sign-up for multiple emails. You can find the best deals on the web at
  • Browse for the Best Deals: Bing Deals cuts through the clutter by cleansing and organizing deals, so irrelevant deals are filtered out of your experience. You can browse by retailer, location, keywords or by category such as restaurants, spa services, arts & entertainment, and even nightlife to find exactly what you want quickly. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, simply browse the top deals of the day to see if something sparks your interest!
  • Visual Search Results: Because shopping is a visual experience and so is searching on Bing, your deal search results are visually organized on the screen to help you easily sort through your options and find the best deal based on what you’re looking for.
  • Daily Deals: With one click, you’ll see the top daily deals featuring the very best offers in your metro area, with savings generally from 30%-50% off.
  • More Deals on the Go. If you’ve been enjoying Bing Mobile Deals at, you’ll benefit from the same deals available on the PC.
As of now, a quick check shows that the Bing Deals site is a little empty, but given time it is expected to grow and Microsoft is counting on it to grow. According to Microsoft, 61% of people have increased their use of Deals in the last 6 month and despite the increase, they say that people are ‘overloaded’ with deals they do not need not are relevant to them. And frankly we think it makes sense to harness the power of deals in one site, as opposed to having to access 20 different sites a day to see which deals are good. We just hope Bing Deals is able to make it more relevant to us, based on our searched (or preferences) via our Windows Live ID.

And it seems we’re not the only ones to think so – When asked, ‘87% of people said they would increase their use of daily deals if they could find only deals that interest them all in one place’ which we think is a pretty clear about what people want. If Bing Deal’s pulls this off successfully then we certainly wouldn’t mind using it (as long as they expand outside The United States). For now, you can check out Bing Deals here.

Source: Bing Community
via: WinRumors

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