Mango to be released September 15th?

Mango to be released September 15th?

In all fairness, Microsoft technically never released the actual date Mango was supposed to be released to the public, but we did have our suspicions. Now it seems that all rumors are pointing to September 15th as a possible launch date for Mango, which is great news considering that it is only 2 weeks away (give or take a day). It seems that rather than being the official date, September 15th marks a delay in the release of Mango, meaning that September 1 could have been the original date, it’s just being delayed now.

Furthermore, according to an unnamed software development company – September 15th is a go for the launch. WPCentral claim the source is trustworthy and they work directly with Microsoft so the information is as close as it gets to officially being announced from Microsoft. Another point is that The Dell Venue Pro has been out of stock for a number of weeks now, but if you head on over to Dell and search for a Venue Pro, you’ll notice that the phone will be back September 15th (with shipping on the 16th)! The Dell Venue Pro will most likely have the Mango OS update on board.

Regardless of the fact this is still just¬†rumour, it seems to bode well with other sources so we’re pinning our calendars down for a 15th Mango launch, that is of course, unless it get’s ‘delayed’ again.

Source: WPCentral

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