Mango for Windows Phone’s not releasing till at least September 23rd

Mango for Windows Phone’s not releasing till at least September 23rd

UPDATE: Mango to start rolling out to our phones within 2 weeks!

Why Joe Belfiore, why? Why do we have to wait till Fall in the USA? Well unfortunately these rumors about a September 15th launch day proved false once again, answering the age old question of do rumors have an ounce of truth to them – The answer being not very much. That was the offical tweet by Joe Belfiore, who heads up the Windows Phone 7 division at Microsoft, so you’d think that he’s know what he’s on about (we just wished he was lying for once).

We thought that because both Joe Belifiore and Brandon Watson (head of the Apps division) were urging Developers to update their apps to Mango as soon as possible yesterday, and with a bunch of apps going Mango optimized yesterday as well, we were feeling the Mango Love, until of course that tweet appeared a good few hours ago. See how deceptive the tweets below are?

There is however one thing we must note with our readers. Joe Belfiore mentioned Fall (Autumn) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mango will be launched as soon as fall starts. That basically means that we could be waiting till the end of the month, potentially till early October. Not good, but considering there were rumors earlier in the year that Mango might not even get launched in 2011, we shouldn’t be too choosy.

Although if you live in Australia, you should know that all 3 Telco’s – Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone have finished testing Mango (as reported by WPDownUnder) and are ready to release it to customers once Microsoft give’s to go ahead.

Despite the fact that every Australian Carrier has finished testing Mango (surprisingly first) and is ready to release it upon the masses of Mango Craved Fans, we must understand that Microsoft wants to do a genuine push of Mango at the same time, across the world, across all carriers. That means that clearly some other Carrier’s are yet to finish testing (we’re looking at you Spain’s Telefonica) and Microsoft want’s to be considerate of their business partner (even though us fans are clearly irritated at the wait). Do remember that we have no reason to be irritated, because Microsoft has always maintained it’ll be a Fall release, and any other date given never came from Microsoft at all. Mango Fall. Well like the sound of that, it sounds better than Mango Summer (we don’t, we’re just trying to make you feel better, and mostly ourselves).

Althought it doesn’t seem to be working…

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