Louis Vuitton Foldable iPad Cases

Louis Vuitton Foldable iPad Cases

LV ipad Louis Vuitton Monogram Foldable iPad Case is Ready for Monaco

Louis Vuitton have just announced their new foldable iPad cases which features their famous and iconic Monogram canvas. The beauty of these cases, unlike most cases out there, is that it doubles up as a stand when you fold it back. Fashion and Usefulness! On the inside the case is lined with soft Microfibre interior lining protects the iPad. It’s also got precise cut outs for the volume rocker, iPad connector dock, as well as the headphone jack and is finished with golden brass details.

We’re not exactly sure if this case is built for the iPad 1 or iPad 2 (or both) but you’d have to contact LV to find out. As for pricing, and with all things LV, it isn’t exactly on the cheap side. This particular case will cost you €475 in Europe, or $770 in Australia (and as usual the exchange rate LV takes here is quite poor). It actually looks quite nice and we feel if you’re willing to spend that much go ahead with it, and we just wish Mr. Armani decided to out some quality Armani Tech cases as well. You can click here to learn more.


If however, the Monogram Case doesn’t do it for you then we suggest you have a look at the Taïga iPad Case also by Louis Vuitton. According to LV, “This Taiga iPad Case is sophistication itself”. The outside is lined with firm Taïga leather which we do admit gives this case an elegant and sophisticated look. As with the Monogram Case, this one also features soft Microfibre lining that protects the iPad and also doubles up as a iPad stand. Following suite, it also features precise cut outs for the iPad buttons and sockets. The Louis Vuitton Logo is also visible on the bottom right of the case, next to the brass detail.

Because this is made out of Taïga leather, it does cost a little more than the Monogram Case, costing a pretty €565 in Europe, or $920 in Australia, once again showing the world how much more expensive things are in Australia. More information can be found here on this case.

Both cases would look lovely aboard your private Yacht as you sail the Mediterranean Sea in summer, although we recommend keeping it inside to avoid ruining the leather.

Source: Chip Chick

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