KDDI People Hub/Facebook Generator is an amazing Ad

KDDI People Hub/Facebook Generator is an amazing Ad

Trust the Japanese to show the rest of the world how it’s done. Japanese Carrier KDDI, who were the first company in the world to release a Mango Device at the end of last month, have been putting ads out ¬†like nothing. The thing is, they’re all good but this one is absolutely brilliant. Why? Because it showcases the People Hub on the Windows Phone by integrating your Facebook contacts (once you sign into the program with Facebook).

It’s a really cool demonstration that uses your Facebook friends in a Flash Animation Project, made by KDDI for Windows Phones. We seriously you try it out (don’t worry, it doesn’t ‘take’ any personal information). We were actually quite amazed at how good this project was, and we’d recommend one of the US carriers pick this idea up and try and do something similar to get across the Facebook Integration deepness in Windows Phones. The great thing is that all your friends pictures (well not all, some) will be in the video itself and you’ll understand what we’re talking about if you head over to the source link and check it out for yourself.

It’ll allow you to share the pictures on Facebook later, but apart from that it’s got nothing else to it. Not that we’re complaining of course, we find this concept brilliant. Head on over and see for yourself.

Source: Windows Phone Japan

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