iPhone 5 to probably be unveiled on the 4th of October

iPhone 5 to probably be unveiled on the 4th of October

The big date might finally be upon us, with heavy rumours breaking out all over the internet that Apple plans to finally announce the much anticipated iPhone 5 on the 4th of October (5th in Australia)! This of course is unconfirmed as of yet, but the timing seems right in retrospect. According to All thing’s D, Apple is to be holding a media event on the 4th October, and sources close to the situation have confirmed that the iPhone 5 will indeed be in attendance.

Over the last 2 months, we’ve definitely heard plenty of conflicting reports based on the exact date that the event will be taking place and it seems that we are getting closer to the truth indeed (or may have even found it). That’s the good news, considering we’ve been waiting some time for a launch that usually takes place in June/July, and another good fact is that the date’s not that far away (you could even count it on your fingers…. if you had 3 hands!).

Sources say that Apple’s new great leader – Time Cook will be leading the event in stead of Steve Jobs for the first time as official head of Apple. The good thing is that he has taken over from Steve Jobs before in launching a device when Jobs was on medical leave, so he’s not stranger to this.

The bad news is that Apple can change the date of the event anytime, so this might not be a 100% officially confirmed date, but we guess it’s the closest we’ve come to one yet. However if it does stay, sources have said that the next-gen iPhone’s will be available to purchase within a few weeks of the announcements (USA only probably)! The norm is that they’re usually available 1 month after the announcement in the USA, and 2 months internationally.

We’ll certianly be keeping an ear to the ground with this one, so we can keep you updated in the days leading up to the (potential) event.

Source: All Things D

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