HTC EVO 3D – Pricing (Telstra and Vodafone) and Specs

HTC EVO 3D – Pricing (Telstra and Vodafone) and Specs


The HTC EVO 3D might not be the first 3D phone ever made, but it’s certainly one of the first to make it’s way down under after the LG Optimus 3D. From an Australian standpoint, it’ll be coming to both Telstra and Vodafone so you’ll have decent pricing options should the two try to top each other.

As far as specs go, the EVO 3G packs a little more oomph than your regular smartphone (such as Android 2.3 – Gingerbread), and we would hope so too considering HTC has a lot riding on this particular model. The specs are as follows:

  • Processor – 1.2GHz snapdragon powers this machine along nicely and should hopefully take care of any lag other models have within Android.
  • Screen Size – 4.3-inches. An auto-stereoscopic (for Glasses free 3D) screen which packs a decent 960×540 resolution in it (qHD for Quarter HD). It’s been built just with 3D in mind, but it looks great otherwise too.
  • Weight – 170 grams isn’t the lightest, but you won’t hear people complaining that it’s too heavy.
  • Memory – 4GB of internal memory isn’t enough, but you can expand it with SD Cards up to 32GB.
  • Camera – Front Facing camera packs a usual 1.3 megapixel while the back features dual 5 megapixel camera’s for 3D shots.
  • Video – It also plays back Video in 720p quality in both 2D and 3D, so videos on 3D are a go as well!
As far as pricing goes, Telstra have announced their pricing while Vodafone have kept quiet on that front, for now. Telstra will be selling the HTC EVO 3D for $912 outright (which is a little high for us) and you can also get it on the $59 cap. Because those prices are a little high, Telstra will be providing two 3D capable games for you straight from the time your purchase this device – Need For Speed Shift and The SIMs 3. A Spiderman Game will also be available to download for free soon thereafter. Furthermore, the first 3,500 customers to purchase this phone will receive a copy of the decent ‘The Green Hornet’ pre-installed. To purchase it, head on over to the source link.

Update: Vodafone just contacted me and told me that their pricing has been announced! First of, the HTC EVO 3D will be availble from Vodafone from September 14th onwards, and as for pricing – The HTC EVO 3D will be available for $5 a month on their Vodafone $65 Infinite Plan over 24 months (total minimum cost is $1680, and RRP for the device outright might be $849). Update 2: Seems Vodafone will also be offering the phone on a $15 per month on top of the $45 infinite plan over 24 months as confirmed by Your Tech Life. And as a bonus, they’ll be bundling in a JMB Car Charger for those who purchase the EVO 3D from Vodafone.

The first 3,500 purchasers will also receive a copy of  ‘The Green Hornet’ just like Telstra purchasers. No word on free games from Vodafone which is disappointing since their costs are higher than Telstra’s, but unlike Telstra’s, Vodafone has unlimited calls and texts within Australia (and probably unlimited texts internationally as well). We couldn’t find a Pre-Order page just yet so we’re guessing that will either be up soon or you’re going to have to go instore to pick one up yourself.

Furthermore, according to Gizmodo, if you want to get a hands on experience with the HTC EVO 3D then you can head over to certain ‘experiential zones’ in Westfield Shopping Center’s around the country. They are as follows:

New South Wales
· Westfield Sydney: Monday, 12 September through to Sunday, 18 September
· Westfield Bondi Junction: Monday, 19 September through to Friday, 23 September

· Westfield Doncaster: Monday, 12 September through to Sunday, 18 September

· Westfield Chermside: Friday, 23 September through to Wednesday, 28 September

As for our thoughts on the HTC EVO 3D? We’ll be hitting the Westfield Doncaster to get a more hands on experience with it, but from what we’ve seen – The EVO 3D experience isn’t the best. It’s up to you if you get it, but we feel the 3D technology in phones isn’t quite… there yet.

Source: Telstra, HTC, Vodafone

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