Fusion Garage’s Grid10 get’s a price drop as well as a new release date

Fusion Garage’s Grid10 get’s a price drop as well as a new release date

Those of you who are regular readers should know that we were mighty impressed by Fusion Garage’s Grid10 tablet soon to be released. Well, recently Fusion Garage announced that it was dropping the price, and changing the release date as well. Let’s just say the Grid10 just became a whole lot more appealing to us. If you’re interested in the specs, and to see more pictures then hit up the Grid10 link.

The Android (well kind of) packing a nice 10-inch screen was to cost $499 for it’s cheapest model originally. We thought it was priced competitively, but obviously not competitive enough to outdo the kind of the tablets – The iPad 2. And it seems that Fusion Garage came to their senses and agreed, which is why they have chopped $200 of the price before it’s released and the 16GB Wi-fi model will now cost you only $299. That’s a decent price in our opinion, and even more so if the Tablet is as good as it looks.

Unfortunately the downside is that the release date has been pushed back by two weeks, meaning October 1 is your new date to mark on your calendars. Frankly seems like a fair deal to us – wait 2 more weeks for a $200 drop. We’ll even wait 3 weeks if a $300 drop is imminent (however unlikely).

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