EBGames Australia to sell HTC Cha Cha powered by Red Bull Mobile

EBGames Australia to sell HTC Cha Cha powered by Red Bull Mobile

If you aren’t aware of which phone the HTC Cha Cha is, we don’t blame you. Apart from it’s fun name and it’s outstanding keyboard it didn’t have much going for it, until now. It turns out, EB Games is seriously expanding their business, from selling only games to selling iPads and now phones. But unlike stores like JB Hi-Fi who sell phones with carrier backing, EB Games will be selling these phones completely carrier unlocked, and on pre-paid, powered by Red Bull Mobile. So what’s different about the Cha Cha? It’s got a dedicated Facebook button, that’s sure to get you into your Facebook quicker than you can say “Facebook”. Well we’d hope so otherwise what’s the point.

For those of you unaware, Red Bull is expanding their business as well into the Mobile Networking game and as far as pricing and benefits go, they’ve got some pretty decent deals, so it soon looks like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone might have some competition on their hands.

As far as Pricing goes, EB Games is selling the HTC Cha Cha for a low $238 in either Black or White. It’ll be available from the 29th of this month, and if you Pre-order, EB Games will throw in a Bonus Red Bull Red Bull Mobile Pre-Paid card valued at $75. Not bad for a low-end phone. If you want to pre-order, head down to the source link below and pick yourself one up (or one for your children) and start the Facebook Party today (or rather when you get the phone)!

Source: EBGames

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  • http://www.wpdownunder.com Sheeds

    Bugger! And my Red Bull handset is due to arrive this week – and you go and post this and beat me to it 😛  At least I have the free phone I guess 😉

  • http://techin5.com Jubbin Grewal @Techin5.com

    Lol I wrote this up when they sent me the email on monday (EBGames). It only posted now because I set it to post today (travel and stuff lol)