dockBoss+ adapter makes your iOS speaker compatible with your non iOS phone!

dockBoss+ adapter makes your iOS speaker compatible with your non iOS phone!

Those of you have planned to buy a sound dock (or even currently own), but have been but off by the fact it’s only made for iOS (Apple) devices – get ready to start using any device on one of these docks! Thanks to the dockBoss+ adapter, any phone which currently has a mini USB port (standard) and a standard headphone jack on their phones (aka 90% of all new phones of not 100%) will now be compatible with any iOS sound dock out there (ie: Android, Blackberry, WP7, etc). The cable itself has a 30-pin connector on the other side which clicks nicely with a regular iOS based sound system dock.

Amazingly, it seems that the dockBoss+ allows you to charge your device as well through the dock so you can continue to play music from your phone without fear of it dying on you halfway through your party. It also features a built-in charge converter for FireWire-enabled cables (though we doubt anyone would care about this bit too much). Furthermore, if your card has a iOS-based car stereo or home stereo, the dockBoss+ allows you to connect to those devices as well. Extremely handy if you ask us. Extremely.

As for pricing, the cable will cost you a decent $30 and you can pick one up from the 28th of this month directly from CableJive. To see more, head on over to the source link.

Source: CableJive
via: Engadget

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