Confirmed – Mango to start rolling out within two weeks!

Confirmed – Mango to start rolling out within two weeks!

Well boys and girls, good news! Microsoft has officially confirmed on their Windows Steam Blog that Mango will be rolling out in the next week or two! So this is the first official confirmation we’ve had from the Windows Phone team, and it means that we are no officially on the road to Mango! Just saying that makes us giddy with excitement!

The news was first broken by Brandon Watson on Twitter and our eyes lit up with delight when we saw that. Like literally lit up! Seriously.. we couldn’t see anything for a few seconds. Nevertheless, once our sight had returned, we devoured every piece of information that we could find on the Blog. The infamous ‘Where’s My Phone Update?‘ table will be updated very soon to reflect the imminent arrival of Mango soon, so if you want to check that out then do so from time to time. Also be sure to ask your carriers on twitter on in-store when they plan to release Mango to your devices.

During the update, each phone will also receive software from your software manufacturer and they state that the ‘firmware has been painstakingly tuned so your phone—and apps—work with all the new features of Windows Phone 7′. That should mean phones like the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7 won’t have to wait a further two months for their update, which is excellent on Microsoft’s part to take the initiative on this front and make sure no slip-ups ensure.

The Zune software has been updated for the PC, and if you’re on a Mac then that has been updated to support this upgrade as well so we suggest you get with the software updating before even thinking about updating your phone. Microsoft also warns against any fake or leaked software releases you see on the net. Our suggestion is that if it’s not coming from Zune, then it’s most likely a fake.

So how about it then folks? Are you as excited as we are about the update? Let us know below!

P.S – If you’re like us and running Mango Beta (or the RTM Build), you’re going to have to restore your phone back to NoDo before you can upgrade to the official Mango Version. Bummer, but we knew the risks.

Source: Windows steam blog

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