AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Sign-Up Page is now up

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Sign-Up Page is now up

So can we just say that It’s about time Samsung have finally got around to releasing the Samsung Galaxy S 2 in The United States! Especially since the rest of the world have been enjoying the Galaxy SII for a good few months now! Either way, AT&T have finally got around to getting that ol’ Sign Up page up and running for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. From what we know, AT&T will be releasing this beauty a little later than Sprint (September 16th for you Sprint users), but better late than never we always say!

It’s currently only a sign up page unfortunately, meaning you won’t be able to put in pre-orders just yet but if you want to be one of the first to put in pre-orders we suggest you put you email in and just sit back and wait till AT&T notifies you that the pre-order page is live. If this sounds interesting to you or you’re just curious, head on down to the AT&T Source link and find out more today!

Source: AT&T

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  • Axo409

    I’m not singing up. If AT&T is to stupid to know that we’ve been waiting months for this phone and sprint is coming out on the 16th. If AT&T blows it and don’t have it on the 18th, I’m going to sprint.

  • Anonymous

    I suppose in reality that makes sense. Also, Sprint’s one is already up for pre-order I believe. If you really wanted one earlier you could have paid an excessive $700 to get it imported in from overseas, but it’s quite costly. Still Sprint’s not a bad alternative to AT&T (even if it is no Verizon)