Amazon Fire Tablet Announced, priced at $199

Amazon Fire Tablet Announced, priced at $199

Amazon’s Live Tablet Event is taking place as we write this and in it came some very interesting announcements, the biggest one of all which was the Amazon Fire Tablet. Yep, Amazon’s very own iPad competitor and from everything we know it’s a very good alternative so far. But first let’s look at the name – ‘Fire’. It’s not quite the name we would have picked had we been on the marketing team, but perhaps it’s simple enough to work (and to differentiate it from the e-book readers). We don’t hate it, we just wish there was more uniqueness to the name.

The Amazon Fire may have leaked a day earlier with the specs and details, but that doesn’t stop it from being a potential winner in the tablet market, that’s for sure. Those of you familiar with the BlackBerry Playbook will notice the two will look remarkably similar in size and design (but we’re not exactly sure why just yet).

It will be a 7-inch tablet which is supposedly a souped up version of the kindle. It’s been priced at $199 which is considerably lower than we were expecting and we’re sure that price point will cause a lot of people to reconsider the iPad because of the price difference (which is exactly what Amazon wants of course). The tablet however will not have a camera, a microphone, or 3G but the Fire will come with Wi-fi (how could it now) and apparently a 30-day trial to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is actually a package that allows buyers to get Amazon Products free 2-day shipping and access to Amazon’s large video streaming service.

The Amazon Fire will be running Android, but Amazon have apparently painted over the rough edges of the Operating System and have got a more accessible user interface (meaning it won’t look like Android at all), and it will work better with the Amazon store (which has over 10,000 applications in the App Store) and an apparent lighting fast web browser (which will apparently run off the Amazon EC2 cloud computing engine).

As for the specs they are:

  • The Screen is an IPS Display (similar to what is in the iPhone 4) with Gorilla Glass coating
  • A Dual core CPU (unknown speed)
  • Weight – 14.6 ounces or 0.41 kg.
  • It will also have access to all Amazon services (Kindle Store, Apps, etc. which will all be stored in the Amazon Cloud for free).

Well we’re sold on it. How about you guys?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Michael Aulia

    I’m surprised they don’t come with the 3G. I’m always amazed at how the original Kindle has access to 3G for free but I guess with all these games and all that, it can be abused :)

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I’ve had that discussion with so many people about the 3G issue. My guess is that this is only a starter device and a 10-inch model will appear next year with 3G (hopefully cheap as well, and available worldwide).

    On the Kindle 3G front, it’s because you can only download books. No internet, no apps, no media. Makes sense why they won’t ever make 3G free for the Kindle Fire (if it comes).