Windows Phone 7 Mac Connector gets Version 2.0

Windows Phone 7 Mac Connector gets Version 2.0

Those of you Windows Phone 7 (and Zune HD) users who own a Mac will receive a nice little surprise from Microsoft today, in the form of the WP7 for Mac Connector Version 2.0 being released for your downloading pleasure. The updated version comes with quite a few nice features over the previous version, which should appeal to all those Mac users out there, and the list includes:

  • Full sync and import support for Apple Aperture software
  • Drag and drop import of files from Browse Device
  • Ringtone transfer support (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Improved video conversion
  • Support for Windows Phone Marketplace (for phones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later)
  • Localization support for 13 additional languages
  • Improvements to backup and restore operations
  • Improved configuration for podcast sync and photo import
  • Improved iTunes import support in certain languages
  • Improved metadata support for videos
So it seems that Version 2.0 has already been setup for use with Mango which we know should be out anytime soon which is great forward thinking from Microsoft. Microsoft also seems to have addressed quite a few of the bugs that we were aware of with Version 1.1, such as Device connectivity and album art display issues for certain devices have been resolved amongst other things.

Windows Phone 7 Connector is a simple, easy-to-use application designed to sync your favorite media files from your Mac, with your Windows Phone 7 or Zune HD. You can also sync photos and videos you captured on your phone with your Mac, and when needed, update your Windows Phone 7 software. To download, head on down to the source link now.

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Source: Mac Store
via: Winrumors

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