Windows 8 will have an App Store

Windows 8 will have an App Store

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With Windows 8 being the ‘next big thing’ from Microsoft, talk has turned to the fact that Microsoft will indeed have an App Store – something that has been missing for quite some time from the Windows Lineup. Up until recently, we had all seen snippets of a ‘possibility’ of a Win8 App Store, but Microsoft did eventually confirm this till they released a post on their Official Win8 blog. While they’re still not revealing much, a snippet from the blog read:

Windows 8 reimagines Windows. That’s a big statement and one that we will return to throughout this blog. It is also important to know that we’re 100% committed to running the software and supporting the hardware that is compatible with over 400 million Windows 7 licenses already sold and all the Windows 7 yet to be sold.

And they’re not wrong, since Windows 8 is the single biggest change we’ve seen to the Windows OS since Windows 95. It’s been a long time coming, and that would explain why the anticipation is so high from people for this product. An App store just means that they’re aiming in the right direction. What’s interesting is that Windows 8 will be tablet friendly, and desktop friendly so we’d be interested to see just how their App’s Store will work.

The other issue, and the 100 pound Elephant in the room is that Apple are the only company in the world that use the term ‘App Store’ which they claim is their trademark. There’s a reason no one else (save Amazon) are using that name – Apple sue’s everyone who infringe on that name (including Amazon). Microsoft obviously disagree, and have filed to make the term ‘App Store’ open for everyone so it will be interesting to see what comes about this.

Source: Windows 8 Blog

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