Watch YouTube videos together on Google+

Watch YouTube videos together on Google+

 Google and YouTube have just released a new feature that ties in directly to Google+ that let’s you start a Hangout with your friends and watch the video together at the same time! Basically it speeds up the feature that already exists today, and should make watching videos with your friends (and probably loved ones we guess) much easier.

To get to this feature, simply click on the ‘Share’ button underneath the video and at the bottom of the drop down box (like in the picture above), and simply click on the ‘Start a Google+ Hangout’ button and you should be good to go (presuming you’re already logged into Google+ of course!).

Still we tried it out just recently and the feature works well, it’s clear, and it’s quick. Of course, to talk to each other verbally you have to talk over the video (it will mute the video for the duration of what you say when you click to ‘Talk’ Button) which can be a pain. Still there’s always normal text chat which works wonders. We feel this feature is useful, but we don’t see it being ‘all the rage’ with the kids. We feel that when YouTube is perhaps streaming live videos (such as a cricket match in the IPL), and you can share it with your friends over Google+ Hangouts, then perhaps we might get excited over this feature.

Still it’s nice for Google to help us out and make our lives a little more easier, but it’s not the most exciting update in the world for now.

Source: Gizmodo

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