Vonage Time to Call app – Pay through iTunes to make International Calls

Vonage Time to Call app – Pay through iTunes to make International Calls

Now this is most definitely an app my family loves, or rather would love. They’re huge Vonage fan, unlike myself, and with at least one Apple device in the house I see this becoming the next big thing in their household! So there was always a Vonage app on the iPhone, but it wasn’t really that good. So Vonage decided to sit back down, plan, and release their next big thing – The Vonge Time to Call app for the iPhone!

Basically it’s an app that allows you to make international calls by using Vonage’s cheap International Call rates up to 15 minutes for cheap prices ranging from $0.99 to $9.99, depending on the country of course, and any and all payments that are done are made through iTunes. So essentially you need an Apple account attached to a credit card, which most people will like if they buy apps or music through iTunes. Vonage is certainly limiting the number of potential users with this however, as compared to say Skype which you can purchase straight through (or free calls Skype to Skype as well) without an Apple account.

Either way, you get one free call after installation to try it, and we doubt you’ll get more than a minute or two. Feeling brave? Go ahead and download the app, and test it out yourself (as the app is free itself)!

P.S: Currently it’s only limited to Wi-Fi around the world, and 3G in USA and Canada.

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