UberMusic Player for Android, compared to Windows Phone 7 (Video)

UberMusic Player for Android, compared to Windows Phone 7 (Video)

Back in May, we took a look at an Android app that was in beta that resembled Windows Phone 7‘s Zune Music interface… exactly. What we found out was that it was a great alternative to the Android default music player, and worked well for those who wanted a bit of WP7 flavor on their phones.

2 months down the line, creator Federico Carnales has released version 1.0, the first full version for a price of $3.17 (AUD) in the Android Market. The difference here is that it doesn’t look like you’re running Windows Phone 7 exactly, but rather a whole new music player as you see in the picture below, that has a bit of Zune on it. Rather, it resembles Android a bit more now.

So $3.20 might be a lot, especially for an Android app where most apps are either cheap or free. What’s the trade off here? Well the App has been made ‘skinable’ so you can actually download Skins (all of which are free right now) for the App, and change the app to look like the Skin you just downloaded. We went through and downloaded the Metro Skin, to compare it to the Zune Music on the Windows Phone 7 in our video.

If you’re interested, head down to think link and download the app – UberMusic

So head on down to the video and check it out yourselves, and find out whether we think the App is worth paying for or not.

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