Transfire – Translate your life (and chat)

Transfire – Translate your life (and chat)

Yea we know, there’s been quite a load of app news today but bear with us for one more, with the Transfire App (aka Translation Fire). This handy little app is free from the app store (for a limited time apparently) and comes packed with some neat features that we can actually foresee ourselves using in the near future (especially with the amount of travelling this Editor does).

Basically, the app is a language translator that can translate to and from 52 languages from around the world, including all the major languages. But here’s where it get’s interesting, as you get quite a bit more from the app than you would expect from a regular translator. Certain languages have the ‘text-to-speech’ ability which will read out the translation in the local dialect, and the the best part about that is that the app has inbuilt voices. What that basically means is that if you can’t read the foreign language you translated to, the app will read it out phonetically (and it sounds realistic, not like a robot or computer’s voice). And if you want, you can also email, facebook, sms or tweet said words and sayings.

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Another cool feature is that you can copy and paste a whole set of phrases and words into the Transfire clipboard, and the app will automatically load the messages and start translating (which you can do with it what you want). It’s quite useful to have, especially when travelling.

Their biggest feature however, would be Translated Gchat (Google Chat). This feature unfortunately only works with GChat (for now) and basically you can choose what language you want to speak to your friends in, and while you type in English, the app will actually send the words in the language you have selected. It’s all very quick, and it’s extremely accurate for an online translator which is why we found it extremely effective. We even managed to surprise some of our friends by talking to them in Arabic, despite knowing maybe 1% of the language.

There’s more coming up for Transfire in the future as well, as we found out in the Press Release they sent us recently. The company behind Transfire, TNT Creations have been given $170,000 USD in equity funding (led by Gemstone Ventures), thanks to the simplicity and speed of their app (not to mention the 150,000 downloads they have received since launch).

President and co-founder of TNT Creations had this to say “Improvements in chat technology are continious and significant” said Elik Topolsky (perhaps related to Joshua Topolsky of The Verge?). “We are on the verge (!) of a universal platform where any user can communicate, no matter what programs they are using or what language they speak”. And we would have to agree with him, and in the coming months when Version 2.0 of Transfire is released, we expect to see plenty of improvements including more languages, and hopefully more chat communication platforms. These are exciting times for TNT Creations, and we urge you all to go and have a try of the app, which is available for free in the iTunes store, the link which you can find below in the source. Meanwhile, we’ll be getting a beta preview of Version 2.0 soon here at Techin5, so we hope to share what improvements have been made on the app soon (hopefully an offline mode)!

Source: iTunes
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