Techin5 now accepting Guest Articles

Techin5 now accepting Guest Articles

Good news everyone! We at Techin5 are finally opening up the website to the readers, so that you can finally fulfill your dreams of seeing your article posted on Techin5! We realise quite a few people have asked about this and but weren’t quite in the position to start accepting Articles from Guest Writers. However, after lengthy deliberations, the end result is that you finally can!

Basically, the premise of being a Guest Writer is simple enough. If you are interested in being a Guest Writer for Techin5, all you have to do is simply go to this page, and read the requirements. Once you have established that you satisfy the guidelines (which are easy enough), you start writing your article, and it can be anything relating to Technology and Tech (Advice, a Guide, an Experience, Tips, whatever you want), and it must be 400 to 1200 words (it can be longer, but we would prefer it if you stuck to the guidelines). It can even be about how fashion and technology mix together! Like we said, it can be anything relating to Technology, as we are a tech website after all.

Once that’s done, and you’ve made sure the Original Article has been proofread and fixed up to look perfect, you simply email it to us with the details in the Guidelines, and if we accept your work (and I’m sure it will be perfect), we’ll notify you within 48 hours, and we’ll discuss it further. All in all, it’s a simple process and if you’ve always wanted to get your voice known and out there, there’s never been a better opportunity.

To learn more click here: Guest Write on Techin5

Or if you want to write on a more permanent basis for Techin5, click here: Join the Techin5 team!

All in all, we’re extremely excited about seeing what everyone comes up with, and we look forward to reading your brilliant articles. If you do have any further questions or queries, remember to use the Contact Us by filling out the form found on this page: Contact Techin5 or you can always email us from the Guest Write on Techin5 page. 

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