Sony’s NEX Range get’s an upgrade, new member

Sony’s NEX Range get’s an upgrade, new member

Sony NEX 5 Upgrade

Back in June, we already mentioned how the Sony NEX 3 was being replaced, and upgraded to the Sony NEX C3, and it seems that its the NEX 5’s turn for an upgrade. So the NEX 5H replaces the NEX 5 and it adds some feature’s that we think will make it quite juicy for upgraders.

For starters, the sensor has been boosted from 14 to 16 megapixels, and it also adds 1080 / 60p AVCHD video capture (which shoul dbe great for videos), a 10 frames per second continuous shoot mode, touch-enabled 3-inch LCD (something we felt was largely needed), and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 25,600 (which has practically doubled from the original NEX 5). An extra accessory that will be made available (optional) with the NEX 5H will be a XGA OLED electronic viewfinder, but unfortunately we were told that this accessory would not work with older NEX models.

The 5H will be available September onwards.

Introducing the Sony NEX 7

Well it seems the NEX family has a new member – the Sony Nex 7! It comes packed with a massive 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, an OLED Viewfinder for 1024 x 768-pixel resolution directly to your eye, 1080 / 60p AVCHD video capture, ISO range of 100-16000, as well as the same 10 fps continuous shoot mode that the NEX 5H has.

The NEX 7 also has access to dual-dials on top that can be fully customized to the users preference, and the body is meant to be lightweight as well (292 grams) which is much lighter than the NEX 5 (however the body is apparently bigger). It’s Magnesium Alloy body costs $1,199 for the body only body only, but those of you who are DSLR users looking for a lightweight DSLR might not look too much further than the NEX 7. It will be available in November, later this year just before Christmas if you want to add something to your list.

Source: Sony

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