Sony Playstation Vita (PSP Vita) releasing in October?

Sony Playstation Vita (PSP Vita) releasing in October?

PlayStation Vita out in October, says Blockbuster UK Flyer

We know everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of the Playstation Vita, and until today the launch date was relatively unknown (‘sometime in late 2011′ hardly counts as an exact day). However, thanks to a certain flyer leak from Blockbuster UK, we’ve suddenly got a much more accurate date on when the Playstation Vita will be releasing! According the the flyer (pictured below), the Playstation Vita (PSV for short) is expected to land in the UK on October the 28th, which suddenly doesn’t seem too far away considering we are in August. 

Do note that as with any and all leaks, they are to be considered rumors for now as companies sometimes make flyer’s and promotional goods well in advance to anticipate the release of a new product, but the date’s end up being delayed in the end. Either way, it’s still great to see the first sign of a date, even if it isn’t exactly from Sony (though judging by their track record as of late, we are sure to find out something from them soon).

Meanwhile you’ve also got some Blu-ray release date’s in the UK, including big titles such as Fast and Furious 5, Star Wars, and Xmen: First Class. September/October is turning out to be an exiting month, especially with games like Battlefield 3 and Fifa 12 also expected.

Source: Engadget

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