Sony Playstation 3D TV pricing announced in Australia

Sony Playstation 3D TV pricing announced in Australia

Sony has confirmed that the Sony Playstation 3DTV will officially be launching in Australia later this year, and we feel it’s about time! Sony also were kind enough to confirm that the PS 3DTV would officially be costing Australians $700 for the 24-inch 3DTV, and it will come bundled with 2 shutter glasses (3D Glasses). The question is, will you be paying that much for a TV screen the same size as some computer monitors? It’s an interesting question that we have started asking ourselves, despite it’s very cool feature (and tech) of allowing two players to play the same game on full screen at the same time using using stereoscopic trickery. Or Magic. We’re not too entirely sure.

$700 is certainly quite high for such a small screen (especially with the US version costing $499), but our guess is people will smaller living rooms will find this the perfect buy, especially with the Magic involved in it. The only problem is Games will need to be specially coded to work with this TV, and your collection of 50 PS3 Games you currently own will be useless with this technology (although it’ll just function like a normal 3D TV then we assume). The good news is that future games such as Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 will work perfectly with this technology, so yay.

SONY: The PlayStation branded 3D Display was confirmed for Europe/PAL territories available this autumn, priced at €499 (RRP), AUD $699.95 (RRP),NZD $849.95 (RRP), including two sets of 3D glasses.

This 24-inch display, first announced at E3 2011, will provide consumers with accessible stereoscopic 3D entertainment for titles such as Uncharted 3. Perfectly suited to dorm rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms, the Display incorporates unique technology called “SimulView” that allows two people playing a game to see individual, full-screen, stereoscopic 3D images – it’s like having two displays in one.

Source: Gizmodo

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