Sony Gamescom roundup – PS3 price cuts, new PSP, PS Vita apps

Sony Gamescom roundup – PS3 price cuts, new PSP, PS Vita apps

PS3 Price Cuts

The Sony Playstation 3 is a great console, what with it being able to play games, Blu-rays, music, videos, and a hose of other features and it looks like it might look even more desirable now. Sony has just announced that they are slashing the price of the Sony PS3 effective immediately around the world at the Gamescom event that recently wrapped up. Along with a few other announcements, this was probably one of the more important ones for consumers around the world, who have yet to purchase a Sony PS3.

The price cuts are are always nice, and the new costs will be $250 in the US, €250 in Europe, and ¥24,980 in Japan for the PS3, and all come with 160GB. Meanwhile the 320GB model will als0 see a price drop to ¥29,980, $299 and €299. Similarly, Australian PS3’s will cost $450 for the 320GB or if you want to save $100 get the 160GB version that’ll cost $350. As an Australian resident, that’s a far cry from the $1,000 I spent to purchase the PS3 the day it was released in Australia (and it came with only 1 controller and no games, not the mention the fact it was the fat version). So how about it? Will those of you yet to purchase a PS3 start to consider a PS3 with the price drops, or are you just going to hold out till the PS4?


No it’s not the Playstation Vita, but it is a new PSP! Dubbed the PSP E-1000, this is Sony’s new budget friendly Playstation Portable aimed at those of you who don’t currently own PSP’s, but might consider getting one. This move is slightly odd since the PSV (Vita) is just around the corner, but I suppose since the launch of the PSV was delayed till 2012 they had to give something to satisfy the Sony fans. Makes us wonder if they could have got the PSV out this year if they weren’t making this. Hm.

Either way, the PSP E-1000 will not include Wi-fi, since that was so last year. In all fairness, with my PSP which I owned (yes the same one I accidentally left in Heathrow Airport, London) I think I used the Wi-fi perhaps 4 times in 3 years so it wasn’t exactly the most used feature in the world. It sports a new look design to the current PSP’s, and should be releasing to European markets any day. It will run you €99, which is decent because the PSP-3000 currently costs €130 in Euroland. The E-1000 will most certainly not be making its way to the United States, as it’s build for PAL only markets which makes us wonder if it will make its way down to Australia since we’re PAL as well. Well there’s always eBay, although we’ll still be holding out for the PSV (Playstation Vita).

Update: Sony has confirmed the PSP E-1000 will be hitting Australia later this year, and is priced at $139.99 AUD.


Social Networking Apps heading to Playstation Vita

We love hearing anything about the PSVita. Anything. So when we heard that the Social Networking Apps were heading to the PSV, we were quite excited. What better way to brag to our friends that we have a PSV, and they don’t! So we’re a little mean, but don’t tell us you won’t be doing the same thing’s either! As if we even needed more of a reason to get the PSV, 2012 will bring Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Skype apps for the rest of the world, while Japan should get their App Social Networking fixes by the end of this year. It seems Sony is doing everything in their power to make sure the PSV is a huge hit, and while we don’t doubt it will be with it’s amazing specs, we commend Sony for taking the initiative to add as many features to this portable gaming beast that they can. If only you could hurry up and release the PSV this year Sony, if only.

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