Skype for iPad finally released

Skype for iPad finally released

We reported in late June how there was a native iPad app for Skype expected to hit the App Store soon, and lo and behold, come early August, Skype finally released the app upon the masses of Apple users. The great news is that it’s not just another iPhone app ported to work on the iPad, because that was extremely ugly, but rather a fully fledged iPad app that works over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

iPad 2 users will be extremely happy to hear that this does work with the Front facing camera that you see on your iPads, and video calling is definitely a go. The app does seem nicely laid out, and takes on the familiar look of the desktop version you find on your computers, so it should be easy enough to get around. It’s definitely more touch friendly than the iPhone app, with bigger icons and a clean interface that should please most users. Call quality seemed quite clean, and while we didn’t test out the Video calling capabilities, we were told that it works generally well, despite occasional frame rate drops.

You can even start a chat within a video call like the desktop version, but it does drop the frame rates even further, not to mention the difficulty in typing on an iPad at times (well, except for us since we use iOS 5 beta and get the split screen keyboard). Overall a great app, and if you’re a Skype user then this one is a no-brainer. Head on down to the source link and download away, its free after all!

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