rome2rio gets even better, adds carbon calculator component

rome2rio gets even better, adds carbon calculator component

Back in early April, we had an in-depth look at a new online Travel Service called rome2rio, and we were quite impressed with the website and the services they provided. So impressed in fact, that we called it the best map-enabled travel service, and 4 months down the line, we can still say it’s the best at what it does. To get to that article, please click here.

Eager to test out the service myself, I recently went on a trip to a few countries back in June/July, and I actually used rome2rio to plan different routes on how to get there. Rome2rio managed to surprise me by finding alternative routes on how to get to my destinations, and I was surprised at actually how much time it saved me. The only problem I had was that the route timings they gave for driving was slightly faster than I could manage, but of course the service isn’t psychic and it couldn’t predict traffic conditions (perhaps that should be something they can look at soon? Traffic estimations). Either way, it’s been extremely useful and I even recommended it to my friends and family alike.

However, the creators of rome2rio, Michael Cameron and Bernie Tschirren, haven’t exactly been sitting idly by in the last 4 months, as they’ve been busy implementing new features and routes from around the world. One of their latest additions to the rome2rio website is the carbon calculator component, which with the help of a partnership with Offset Options will allow users of rome2rio to evaluate and compare their footprint of  their travel options. This is obviously a first of it’s kind for online travel.

This should obviously appeal to the more environmental friendly minds out there, and at the very least it should start making people more conscious of the amount of carbon footprints their travels are leaving on this world (based on their journey). Travelers using the site will also have the option to pay a small additional fee to certain projects around the world, which in turn would offset their carbon output. Basically the amount you pay should help make your trip carbon free (neutral). R

ome2rio is certainly taking some big (and innovative) strides to improve their already fabulous services, and we commend them for that.

Co-founder Michael Cameron also told us that there are still quite a few new features to come, especially for those users located in Melbourne so remember to keep checking Techin5 regularly for more updates, or head on over to the rome2rio website and start booking those flights today (and don’t forget to make your trip Carbon Neutral!).


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