rome2rio adds Melbourne Public Transportation maps, new worldwide routes

rome2rio adds Melbourne Public Transportation maps, new worldwide routes

 Our regular readers would already know how much we like rome2rio, and you can read how much here! Just last week we also reported how rome2rio also added a carbon calculator component to their website and before the dust even settled, the rome2rio team were at it again, as they added another feature to their site. Now this update is certainly not as big as important as their last, but the features will most certainly come in handy to quite a few travelers around the world, not to mention the 4 million residents of Melbourne.

Much like Techin5, rom2rio is also a Melbourne startup company and therefore you can understand why we would find having the Melbourne Public Transportation inbuilt into rome2rio useful! With the new update comes all Trains and Trams in Melbourne, as well as long distance train and coach services throughout Victoria (which we’re presuming to mean V-line).

rome2rio co-founder Bernie Tschirren said “We partly added the Victoria transport data for our own benefit. As a new resident to Melbourne, living inner-city without a car, I’m always trying to figure out how to navigate Melbourne’s train and tram network to get where I want to go. Rome2rio provides an easy-to-use interface for getting those directions.”. Frankly he’s not wrong, and it will be extremely handy to residents, new residents, and tourists.

Frankly, we’re not the biggest fans of the Metro Trains website (or the Metlink Website either), as we find it can tend to be a little overwhelming at times (or slow), especially when we’re trying to find out which routes and lines to take to get to a specific destination we are unaware of. rome2rio has always been streamlined, and adding in the Public Transportation within Melbourne hasn’t changed that one bit, which is why we’ll be using that from now on. Based on what we’ve seen on the site, it seems they get their train times directly from Metlink, and after adding in your to and from station, rome2rio gives you either a Driving option, or to take the good ol’ train. We tested it out from Glen Waverley Station to Flinders Street Station but for some off reason it directed us to the Southern Cross Station, but the timings was generally spot on. Hopefully that small blip gets fixed soon, but we have no doubt it will be. The system works well, and get’s our distances and times efficiently, and there’s a link for schedules if you really want to head over to the Metlink website.

They’ve been covering international transport for some time now, as they had trains through-out most of Europe, China, and India at launch and this week, along with the Melbourne Transportation coverage they’ve increased their coverage to a few other places as well. Rome2rio adds coverage to include Irish and Greek Trains, as well as trains to South East Asian destinations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia. They’ve also included the major cities in Morocco, including Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier and Fez. Similarly, Ferry Services linking Spain and Morocco find their way into the mix as well.

In case that wasn’t enough already, Ferry Services to Virgin Islands, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis are also new to the rome2rio site, ticking off all the popular Caribbean destination in one go. One of the more interesting options we were informed about on the Press release was their new Surface-only direction (a first for rome2rio) where users can get directions from Dublin to Singapore, without taking a single Plane. This epic journey (how could it not be?!) will take 11 days all up, and the journey will be made up of a mix combining trains, buses, and taxis, including a single train journey that will take 7 days and will travel through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Vietnam. That sounds like it could be extremely fun, so count us in! SURE a plane trip would be quicker, but let’s be honest, where’s the fun in that!?

Michael Cameron, also co-founder, said “Our users base in growing and the routing engine is working well. The focus now is on expanding data coverage to include more transport routes throughout the world. We are focusing on covering popular tourist destinations most often input into rome2rio”.

rome2rio keeps getting better and better, and we can’t wait to see what rome2rio will look like once they’ve got transportation routes around the world, by land, air, or by sea (we’re not sure if sea routes will make the cut, but we can hope). Let’s just say that we hope Michael and Bernie decide to make a rome2rio app, for Apple devices, Android, and Windows Phone 7 (sorry BlackBerry, your screens are too small) because that would make it one of the most useful apps in the world. We can dream.

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