Microsoft Touch Mouse hitting Australia soon

Microsoft Touch Mouse hitting Australia soon

Microsoft Answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse has finally landed in Australia, and it looks good. While it’s price isn’t the cheapest at $100, expect it to go down in the near future has street pricing generally forces that. After all, when you compare it to the Magic Mouse, it is $15 more expensive, but reviews say it is better than the Magic Mouse, so you’ve clearly got a decision to make.

It’s officially expected to launch on the 12th of December, and this might be the first wireless mouse that we’ve considered here at Techin5. We currently prefer wired gaming mice, like the Razer Death Adder, but we might just give the Microsoft Mouse a whirl and see how it stacks up. The beauty of the Touch Mouse is that it also features BlueTrack¬†technology, which is the technology at the bottom of your mouse (blue color as opposed to red or clear). The reason we like BlueTrack tech so much is that it will allow you to scroll the mouse on any surface in the world (except clear glass and mirrored surfaces). That’s something Apple’s magic Mouse doesn’t have!

Keep a look out for it when it hit’s store, as it’s looking like a potentially great $100 spent.

The gestures should sound familiar:
– One finger scrolls in any direction inside of a window

– Swiping your thumb up/down acts like the back and forward buttons common on Windows mice

– Two fingers to the left or right activates Aero Snap, pinning the selected window to the side; two fingers up or down minimizes or opens minimised windows

– Three fingers activates a Mac OS X Expose-like view, showing all of your windows in a neat grid.

Microsoft Touch Mouse Black

Source: Gizmodo

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