Microsoft Launching Mango on September 1?

Microsoft Launching Mango on September 1?

Update: According to Joe Belfiore, it’s just a rumor at this point.

Rumors are currently circling the web about the possibility of Windows Phone’s next big update, Mango, being released in less than a month on the 1st of September (this would be to everyone with a windows phone device). These rumors were first brought to our attention by our friends at Pocket-lint, who claim ‘multiple trusted sources’ have confirmed the launch date with them. If this is true, then it seems that Microsoft’s biggest Windows Phone update is no longer just a distant dream. Well, in all fairness we all knew Microsoft was going to release Mango sometime in late 2011, and it looks like we might be finally looking at a launch date. This lauch date makes perfect sense in a way, because it would coincide with the opening day of the IFA 2011 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. That would certainly be a huge way to kick things of Microsoft!

Let us not forget that the IFA trade show is one of the biggest consumer electronics trade shows in the world, and it would give Microsoft a perfect launching platform for Mango, an update which we were extremely impressed by. If you’ve been following our Mango coverage on Techin5, you’d know that the Mango update is not just a mere update, but an entire revamp of the Windows Phone 7 Operating System, and Microsoft claims to have added around 500 new features to the phone (which is a lot).

Either way, it seems the the IFA trade show would not only give Microsoft the perfect launching platform, but it would also give phone manufacturers like Acer, HTC, LG, Samsung, and ZTE an opportunity to show off their new phones which they’ve been busy developing for some time (although they might not be officially launched till a later date). Unfortunately Nokia will not have a new phone to display because they will be revealing their first Windows Phone device in October at their annual Nokia conference.

The other big thing about this announcement is that with the launch of Mango, Microsoft would have successfully turned the world’s eyes towards the Windows Phone platform and all the possible hype created by the launch might very well end shadowing the anticipated Apple iPhone 5 release, which is also expected to take place later in September. While people might not credit Windows Phone 7.5 (.5 for Mango) as being better than iOS 5, it will certainly get people talking about Widows Phone’s, giving Microsoft free publicity. A smart move by Microsoft, and excellent timing. 21 days and counting people, start marking your calendars (we know our’s already is).

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