HTC invests in beats by Dre

HTC invests in beats by Dre

$300 million is what it cost HTC to purchase beats by Dre (not all of it, just a really large chunk of it), which is a company that basically produces great sounding headphones (and good looking as well!). Those of you in the rap scene know that beats is owned by Dr. Dre, the rapper responsible for finding Eminem (or making him famous at least), and in the last few years, beats has become synonymous with high quality sound in their products. Which is why HTC investing in beats makes all the sense in the world.

Basically, HTC headsets are going to start sound a lot better now. You’ll most probably be getting beats in your packages. Secondly, and more importantly, your HTC tablets and Phones speakers are going to be taken to the next level with the technology employed by beats. HTC will obviously start focusing on music centric devices now, and we can’t blame them because what they’re getting from beats is the technology to get them ahead of the game in their field. On the other side, beats will now get much more funding for the research and development teams, funded by HTC of course. What this also means is that beats will get more exposure around the world, by having their logo in every HTC phone that will be produced in the future. Frankly it’s a case of win-win for both sides.

And what does Rap mogul Dr. Dre get out of this deal? $175 million. Win.

Expect The HTC beats phones to start giving your eargasms towards the end of this year.

Source: Gizmodo

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