Apple is now the worlds biggest smartphone manufacturer

Apple is now the worlds biggest smartphone manufacturer

All hail the King Apple! Apple has now been declared the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer by IDC, a company that conducts some sort of mass market intelligence across the globe! While Android might have the biggest market share in terms of smartphones sold, Google doesn’t actually make their own devices (unless you count the Nexus (S)), and because of this Apple has been crowned top dog. This of course comes at the expense of Nokia who was the previous biggest manufacturer and to add insult to injury, Samsung has also overtaken Nokia who’s fortunes are seriously deteriorating (until they launch their master plan of course with their secret weapon).

Steve Job’s company has managed 141.7-percent in shipments year over year, and that was clearly good enough to brush past Nokia into the top spot, clearly showing once again how popular Apple Products really are! RIM (makers of BlackBerry) are sitting snugly in 4th, while HTC rounds up the top 5 positions. That being said, Samsung had a much better 2010 to 2011 change, with an increase of 380.6-percent, which should keep on it’s toes for some time and should make for a VERY interesting 2012 report. Hopefully by this time next year, Nokia can halt that slide and turn it into a winning run (Hey! anything can happen!).

Have a look at the chart breakdown below to get the full stats.


Source: Engadget

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